Do You Really Need a Home Security System?

Here are some of the facts you should consider before choosing a Home Security System. Both homeowners and renters need to consider these statistics when it comes to protecting their families, roommates, and possessions. One potential deterrent to home burglaries is a home security system, which, according to statistics, does have an effect on whether or not a burglary will be successful.

Protect Your Home From Burglars

Prevent Crime by Installing Home Security System

In the United Kingdom, there is a home burglary that takes place every 40 seconds, 6 burglaries 4 minutes, 90 an hour and nearly 2160 a day! Many of you think that you are safe and that a burglary will never happen to your home, but with the number of burglaries so high, chances are that at some point in time everyone is likely to have their home or vehicle broken into. As part of my profession I have come across many devastated Burglary victims and they are all in the same state of mind – Never Ever want to even think about the nightmare anymore! The best way to deter burglars from entering your home is by installing a home security system. The mere presence of an alarm system and a CCTV camera is enough in most cases to protect the home and its occupants from break-in.

Not Just Burglar’s But Fire And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Integrate CO and Fire Alarms with Home Security System

A home security system is a way to protect your home from fire and odourless Carbon monoxide as well. Since human senses cannot detect carbon monoxide in the air, people are often blind-sided by carbon monoxide poisoning that can build up over time. Severe cases of carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. A home security system can be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector as well. These alarm systems will detect high amounts of carbon monoxide in the home and alert the home owners, so that they can get out of the home right away and seek medical treatment for the possible side effects of this poisoning before it’s too late.

View your home and Premises on Your Phone

Smart Phone App CCTV Camera

Modern Security Systems gives you the privilege to remotely monitor your home and premises with Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras. This can provide a feeling of peace, as you will be able to check on your home wherever you may be in the world. Network video recorders and IP cameras can provide all of the information that is necessary about the happenings in and around your home.

Do you shop online?

You should include a video doorbell in your security system alongside the smart lock. Packages left on your doorstep or porch are a tempting target for theft. Video Door Entry Systems lets you have them safely delivered into your home whether you’re there or not. When the delivery person rings your video doorbell, you’ll be able to see and talk to them on your phone. Once you verify their identity, unlock your door (all from the same screen) and ask them to leave the package inside. When they’re done, secure the lock again.

Home Automation Possibilities

In addition to the interactive services offered by home security system companies, there are now even more home automation services being offered as well. These systems include light controls, door locks, thermostats, etc. all of which can be put on your schedule providing an additional level of security.

Take the time to do some research and then choose the home security system that best meets your needs. Any type of security system for your home should be seen as an investment and is worth the money spent.

Choosing from Monitored Unmonitored or Self-monitored Burglar Alarms

Why not go for an unmonitored security system that fits your budget? Or maybe it is worth getting a professionally installed self-monitored alarm to fit your pocket as well as protect your home and loved ones. Or do you really want to pay the monitoring invisible security guard?

Unmonitored Alarms

Let me begin with the simplest unmonitored burglar alarms. They are easy to install and low cost but good enough to scare intruders with their loud siren.  Moreover, the flashing siren box should give burglars a second thought on whether to choose your house or your neighbour’s. A survey held by metropolitan police among ex-burglars reveals that they prefer buildings with no security system installed. However, if you are not at home you would not be able to hear the siren if someone broke into your house.  So make sure you throw a garden party for your neighbours this summer as they would be the ones to respond.

Unmonitored Burglar Alarms
Alarms Siren goes off at the time of intrusion

Self-monitored Alarms

Self-monitored burglar alarms are as the name suggest are self monitored. They ring you or the people whom you have programmed to be notified when the alarm goes.They can be activated over mobile apps, so don’t worry if you forget to arm the system on a busy Monday morning.These sophisticated security systems can partition your house into various zones and activate the alarm in each zone individually. This helps especially during night time when you can activate just the downstairs zone and move freely upstairs. Moreover, some of them come with cameras in the motion sensors so you can have a live view of your premises while you are away. Most of these self-monitored alarms comes with pet friendly sensors which allow your cats and dogs to roam about without triggering false alarms.

Smart Alarms call you in case of emergency
Alarm controlled from mobile App

Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarms are security systems that contact a monitoring company (a third party) by telephone, if the security system senses an intrusion and is not deactivated within 45 seconds. The monitoring company receives the message, determines the nature of the alarm and verifies it, usually by calling you at your home or business. If they do not receive the proper password, or no one answers, they call the police who respond as quickly as possible.Shops or business premises prefer these types of alarms.

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