When your self-monitored security alarm calls you in the middle of a night, you feel terrified with the thought that an intruder has entered your premises. However, when this happens with no particular reason the loud noise of the burglar alarm can annoy your neighbours and frighten your household pets. Above all, reoccurring false alarms make you hesitant to use your home security system and that’s just what any burglar wants. As a burglar alarm installer, Smartech Security knows how important it is to prevent false alarms.

  1. Shut all Windows and Doors before you arm the security system.
    No False Alarm
    Secure Doors and Windows

    Most systems have at least some contacts on windows and doors. When the system is armed and a door or window is opened, this triggers an alarm. However, when this sounds off without anyone opening any of these, contacts are either loose or faulty. So, ring your security system service provider to check these.

  2. Use Pet friendly sensors or Keep pet in their place
    Pet Friendly Alarms
    Install Pet Friendly Sensors

    Pets often wander throughout your home during the day. When they do, they can set off motion detectors that activate your home alarm system. Replace traditional sensors with “pet friendly” or “pet immune” sensors to reduce false alarms. These motion sensors are designed to ignore the presence of pets up to a certain weight.

  3. KNOW Your Passcode or PIN
    Remember Burglar Alarm PIN number
    Remember Your Security System Password

    To prevent false alarms, create an alarm code that every member of the family can remember. If you change the code, inform everyone who knows the code. Don’t forget that the babysitter, house cleaner and dog walker also need to be trained on how to operate your home security system.

  4. Watch for Stray objects like party Balloons near motion sensors
    prevent false burglar alarm
    Tie stray items to prevent false alarm

    When your home’s heat or air conditioning turns on, it could blow curtains or plant leaves into the area protected by a sensor. Helium balloons have a bad rap for activating motion sensors. So keep them tied down in an area that isn’t protected by the motion sensor of your Burglar alarm.

  5. Sensors should be kept clean
    Clean Alarm sensors
    Clean your Security System sensors

    Sensors should be kept clean, as dirt not only impairs detection ability but also encourages spiders and other insects to reside in, on or around them. This can trigger false alarms. So keep an eye on your motion sensors and make sure they are kept neat and tidy.

  6. Alarm systems are not maintenance free and should be serviced periodically.
    Risco Visonic Pyronix Yale Service
    Book Alarm servicing

    Your alarm system runs on a system battery. This battery should be replaced every two to three years, maybe even sooner if frequent power outages have occurred. A weak battery can cause the alarm to malfunction during bad weather. Your alarm system always warns you when the system batteries become weak. Call your security system provider immediately to book your Burglar Alarm maintenance appointment.

  7. Alert your guests
    guest know about the Security System
    Let your guest know about the Security System

    To minimize the chance of a false alarm, let visitors know your home security system is armed. If your guest is staying with you for a while, be sure he or she feels comfortable with how to arm and disarm your home security system.

  8. Report faulty equipment.

If you think a false alarm is caused by a malfunction of your home security system, contact home security system provider immediately. A representative from your home security company will be glad to check the status of your alarm system.

The most fundamental way to prevent false alarms is to use your home security system on a regular basis. When your family uses the security system consistently, they get comfortable with how it works, and that means there is less likelihood of a false alarm. So opt for the right security system that best suits your needs and ensure that it is properly maintained.