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Wired Alarm Systems - Supply and Installation Packages

A fully hard wired burglar alarm system are the low maintenance security alarms that connects the motion sensors, keypad, smoke detectors, external siren box and all other devices to the control panel with alarm cables, concealed within the walls and floors of your property. It is now possible to integrate wired alarms with the internet to enable the use of smart phone App to control your wired burglar alarm even remotely. In addition, you have the choice of telephone and GSM cellular network to be used as a back up communication channel. Our exclusive package of wired alarm systems with the outstanding feature of integrating wired and wireless sensors benefits home owners who can now add wireless sensors to their existing wired alarm. The smart phone App enables you to control your security alarm remotely, allowing you to skip sensors, part arm or disarm or fully arm your security alarm. Browse our range of fitted wired alarm system packages and buy online for a guaranteed installation with in 5 working days. Contact us for a custom cabling quotation as this is not included in the package.

burglar alarm

Risco Lightsys 2 IP GSM & PSTN Wired Burglar Alarm with Installation

£ 999.00

Risco Lightsys 2 IP & PSTN Wired Burglar Alarm with Installation

£ 849.00

Texecom Wired Burglar Alarm with Installation

£ 749.00

Risco LightSys 2 IP & PSTN Hybrid Burglar Alarm with Installation

£ 849.00

Arrange for a Security Survey

Not sure which security system to buy, then we are here to help.

One of our expert security system Engineer will come over to carry out the risk assessment and security survey. He will explain you the best design and show you where the sensors of the alarm, CCTV cameras and indoor and outdoor units of intercom goes to completely safeguard your home from theft and break in. During the visit, we will choose the best security system brand to meet all of your requirements.

We will be able to supply you with a schematic for a wired security system if you prefer to let your electrician do the cabling. There is a small fee for this service and is fully refunded when you place the order with us.

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