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Security Service and Maintenance Contracts

At Smartech Security we provide a comprehensive service and maintenance program on all new systems as well as offering servicing and upgrades to older systems whether installed by ourselves or other professional companies who no longer look after that system.

Bells only systems are maintained once per year whilst monitored systems using police approved alarm receivingcentres have to be serviced twice annually.

Not having a system regularly maintained can not only result in faults and false alarms occurring but can lead to further damage to the systems. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure optimum performance, detect problems so that they can be resolved before they become more serious (and expensive to repair), ensure that you continue to protect your property and, where appropriate, adhere to the terms of your buildings and contents insurance. Usually part or all of the cost of the service contract can be offset by a reduction in your contents insurance policy as our systems are recognised by insurers and underwriters. Old batteries can potentially overheat as well as compromise the system so a service will give you peace of mind that the alarm continues to be safe.

We can adopt your existing security system

If you already have a intruder alarm or CCTV system in place we are expert enough to adopt it after a thorough assessment. However, as Smartech stays up-to-date with the latest in security technology, we may recommend you upgrade your current system which could SAVE YOU MONEY. Upgrading may seem like a more expensive option in the short term but in the long term could be much more economical as parts may be cheaper and easier to obtain, a newer system may be more reliable and maintenance minimal.

Remote Intruder and Security Alarm Maintenance

Although as stated above it is not our policy to conduct planned routine maintenance, If a suitable security alarm is connected to a telephone line, we have the facilities to carry out remote status monitoring and diagnostics. This means problems can be identified quickly and we can determine whether an engineer’s visit is required. For further information on home intruder alarm maintenance and the full range of intruder and burglar alarm systems and services that we offer contact us on 0203 874 1434 or get in touch via our contact us page.

We can offer wireless solutions to avoid running cables around your premises and all of our systems include the following:

  • Door/window contacts
  • Movement detectors
  • Control panel
  • Internal sirens
  • External alarm boxes
  • Continuous monitoring through our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

Trust Us to design your system

You can trust Smartech to design a reliable system that meets the security required for your business and also suits your budget. Our surveyors will visit your premises, discuss your needs then provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Packages to suit your needs

We also offer a choice of Security Packages to suit your specific requirements. We can also adopt your existing alarm system and add to or modify it to provide the very latest in intruder protection.