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Buy IP CCTV Camera with recoring unit online and get your security camera installed at no extra cost

Our popular choice of Internet Protocol or IP camera is the Ultra low light 2 Mega pixel  Darkfighter cameras which make it possible to view your property remotely, from anywhere in the world. Use our free mobile apps to begin viewing your feed live within minutes. At Smartech Security, we offer a variety of IP cameras that can be seamlessly  paired with your smartphone or tablet. Most of them work on PoE technology which minimises the use of cables. The HD recordings can be easily accessed on the recording unit with the highlighted motion only region. All models are vandal-resistant and weatherproof to ensure safe outdoor installation.

Fitted 2 Outdoor 2MP Hikvision HD IP CCTV System

£ 999.00

4 Fitted Outdoor 2MP Hikvision HD IP CCTV System

£ 1,299.00

Fitted 8 Outdoor 2MP Hikvision HD IP CCTV System

£ 1,999.00

Fitted 4 Outdoor 5MP Hikvision HD IP Cameras CCTV System

£ 1,349.00