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Buy wireless burglar alarms online and get your wireless security alarm installed at no extra cost

Wireless alarms are entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection, and provides instant visual detection and alerting on a range of incidents including intruders, flooding and smoke. They are perfect for residential homes, garages, shops, offices and retails units.  Wireless burglar alarms features of motion detection, perimeter protection, visual verification, remote connectivity, partition specific arming and disarming, call, text and app alerts.

Texecom Premier Elite Wireless Burglar Alarm

£ 699.00

Fitted Pyronix Enforcer Digi WiFi Security Alarm

£ 549.00

Risco Agility 4 wireless Intruder Alarm

£ 699.00

Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Alarm

£ 449.00

Pyronix Enforcer 10 GSM Burglar Alarm

£ 649.00

Visonic Powermaster-30 Intruder Alarm

£ 699.00

Visonic PowerMaster-10 Wireless Intruder Alarm

£ 599.00