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Fitted Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm

£ 449.00
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  • 1 year onsite warranty included
  • Fitted Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm

    Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security

    This Package includes Yale 6400 GSM wireless burglar alarm kit and installation service. Though Yale is a DIY system, it is advisable not to take risk climbing a tall ladder to fix the siren box. Yale 6400 from Smartech Security will ring you from the inbuilt SIM card when triggered - for the ultimate peace of mind. Please choose the BAYAL01 option if you prefer to connect your alarm via landline telephone.(SIM not supplied).The system can store up to three telephone numbers, such as your home, mobile and work numbers and will call them in a specified sequence. The system can also be activated and deactivated using your touch-tone telephone or sms

    -Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security

    Low Maintenance-Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
    Low Maintenance

    Spend less on servicing your burglar alarm

    Pet Friendly-Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
    Pet Friendly

    Allows your dogs and cats to freely walk around your home

    Text Panel-Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
    Text Panel

    Displays status and user response messages on screen

    SIM Connected-Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
    SIM Connected

    Receive alerts from alarm via GSM Mobile network

    Wireless-Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security

    All devices are wireless operating on 868 Mhz frequency

    How does it work

    The telecommunicating control panel can store up to 3 telephone numbers and will call them in sequence until answered. The system can be armed or disarmed using a touch-tone telephone (land line or mobile) by pressing specified keys. The security system comes with a digital display to manipulate the actions performed. Also, speak with our installer to set the entry and exit time according to your preference. Also the Yale 6400 GSM features partial arm function which enables you to leave your downstairs armed at night and move around freely upstairs. 

    Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security

    Included in the kit

    Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
  • 1 x Yale 6400 GSM Control Panel

    Yale 6400 GSM is a compact wireless home security system with built in GSM dialer that connects your burglar alarm to the mobile network using a SIM card with a backlighted LCD keypad.It has a high power siren that sounds in case of alarm to deter intruders. A perfect solution for home owners looking for optimum security at low cost.

  • Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
  • 2 x Yale PIR Motion Detectors

    Yale PIR motion detectors are pet friendly sensors to detect motion in the protected area with 12m coverage.

  • Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
  • 2 x Yale 6400 Door Contact

    Magnetic Door Contacts are fully supervised magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting your doors and windows to detect a burglary attempt .

  • Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
  • 1 x Live Yale Siren

    This wireless outdoor siren provides perfect security solution for home owners looking for an external siren that is both affordable and reliable to detect a burglary attempt .

  • Yale 6400 GSM Burglar Alarm Fitted | Smartech Security
  • 1 x Dummy Yale Siren

    This dummy Yale printed dummy siren box keeps burglar away from targeting your home .

  • Receive Alarm Alerts

    Phone Calls

    Real phone calls from your security system that tells you if it is a fire, burglar or a panic alarm


    Comes with built-in GSM module to receive text message when the alarm goes off

    Push Message

    Push notifications on your App with details of the sensor that triggered the Alarm


    Emails with the details of the scence and the status of sensors when the alarm goes off

    Areas we cover

  • We have the expertise to help you choose the right security solution whether it is an intruder alarm, a cctv surveillance camera, a door entry system or a combination of all.
  • We have experienced security Engineers to design your security system that perfectly fit your needs. Our installers are CRB checked professionals with years of experience running cables, fixing and fitting burglar alarms, cctv camera and access systems.
  • The price of the product includes installation, initial set up, detailed demonstartion and 1 year onsite warranty. Please see the areas covered to avail free installation.
  • Our team of expert installers will ensure that any product you purchase from us is installed to the highest standard, with care and consideration for your home and premises.
  • home security systems london

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    System Features

    Specifications of BAYAL02 Yale 6400 SIM Connected Alarm:

    Yale 6400 GSM Features
  • Alert Mode : Siren, SMS & Voice Call Alerts
  • Battery Type : Lithium
  • Modle No : B-HSA6400
  • 12m PIR detection range. 104dB siren with LED strobe
  • DIY System
  • Add-ons

    Yale Door And Window Contact

    Yale Door Or Window Contact & Magnet
    £ 30.00

    Yale Easy PIR Motion Detector

    Yale Easy PIR Motion Detector
    £ 45.00

    Yale Panic Button

    Yale Panic Button
    £ 40.00

    Yale Remote Key Fob

    Yale Remote Key Fob
    £ 30.00

    Yale Wirefree Smoke Detector

    Yale Wirefree Smoke Detector
    £ 60.00

    Yale Wireless Keypad

    Yale Wireless Keypad
    £ 50.00
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    Linda 2 years ago

    Prior to buying this, I was debating if it was worth spending £400 on a on an alarm. When I had it installed, there was no doubt that it was worth it. Very user friendly alarm and easy to use. Now I receive call on my mobile if the alarm goes off. Overall, well worth the buy!

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    No 0

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long will the siren sound for when the alarm is triggered ?
      The siren will sound when triggered for a pre-selected time of 4 or 10 minutes, chosen by you. The system will automatically be re-armed again after this time period has elapsed.
    • What is the output of the wall-mounted siren in decibels ?
      The technical specification is 110 decibels
    • How is the external siren powered ?
      The siren uses standard, non-rechargeable, D-type alkaline batteries. It is not solar powered
    • How and when will I need to change the batteries in the siren ?
      Batteries should be refreshed every year. The unit will ??beep?? five times when arming the system to inform you that the battery power is too low.
    • How many telephone numbers can be stored on the Premium alarm control panel ?
      A maximum of three contact numbers can be stored
    • Do Yale control panels have built-in sirens ?
      Yes, in addition to the external siren unit you have the option of enabling or disabling the internal panel siren
    • Why does my control panel ???beep?? every 30 seconds and with the amber warning light lit ?
      A power fail or ???tamper?? condition is present within the system. Check all devices are firmly screw-mounted and that the DC adaptor is connected
    • The control panel displays only the date and time, so how will I know if the alarm is set ?
      If the alarm is set in ???Home?? mode, the panel display will always display ???Home??. In ???Away?? mode, however, the ???Alarm On?? status will disappear after 5 minutes to show only the time and date
    • My keypad will not disarm the system. It arms correctly, I hear the single siren confirmation ???beep??, but why will it not disarm to give two ???beeps?? ?
      Please check your keypad PIN has been correctly set, it may still be stuck at the factory preset code. Try changing to your desired code again, taking care to not leave any gaps between the stages of the PIN setting process.
    • My keypad light is constantly flashing green and I can??t use my alarm, what should I do ?
      You are currently in the keypad programming mode. Press the ???disarming?? button twice to exit this mode to allow normal arming operation of your alarm

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