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Fitted Risco Lightsys 2 Hybrid Alarm With Mobile App

£ 819.00
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    • Product code : BARIS11
    • Ready to install within 10 working days
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  • 1 year onsite warranty included
  • Fitted Risco Lightsys 2 Hybrid Alarm With Mobile App

    Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech

    Replace your old wired alarm with Risco LightSys2 which is a hybrid Grade 2 Insurance approved British Standard intruder alarm system that controls and monitors a variety of sensors and detectors placed throughout the premises, which provide burglary protection. The smartphone App enables you to control your home security system from any location and receive notifications regarding any status updates.The system is connected via telephone line and continuously checks the status of each sensor to detect problems. If the panel detects trouble it will initiate a call to a remote telephone number, informing you of a security situation by playing a pre - recorded message, followed by the acknowledgement menu. This is in addition to the external siren, beeps from the control panel and indicator lights to alert the neighbours or people passing by. The system can call up to 16 numbers, enabling you, a relative or neighbour to be informed of the security situation. You can then take the appropriate action, whether this is to inform the authorities or acknowledge the event and remotely operate the system.

    App Alert-Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
    App Alert

    Receive Push Notifications on your Smartphone App

    Call Alert-Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
    Call Alert

    Receive pre-recorded voice call alerts in case of an event

    Hybrid Alarm-Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
    Hybrid Alarm

    Alarm system with wired and wireless devices connected to the control panel

    Illuminated Siren-Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
    Illuminated Siren

    Whole Siren box is back lighted and is visible even at night

    Low Maintenance-Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
    Low Maintenance

    Spend less on servicing your burglar alarm

    Mobile App -Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
    Mobile App

    Remotely control your security system via smart phone App

    How does it work

    You can arm your security alarm when you go out, go to bed or even all day long to protect your house and beloved ones. One of the Lightsys advantage is its ability to divide the system in up to 4 partitions. Each partition may be managed as a separate security system, each of which can be set and unset individually regardless of the condition of the other. Partitions can be set or unset one at a time, or all at once, and each partition can be set at Part set or Full set . Below are the basic user operations carried out from the touchscreen keypad.
    Full Set the Alarm - Press the Lock Button Lock Button Risco
    Part Set the Alarm - Press Part Lock Button 
    Unset the Alarm - Press the unlock button  followed by pass code or proximity tag. Proximity tags are are used in wired risco alarm for arming and disarming the system.
    All of the above the actions can be performed remotely using the smart phone App that comes along with the kit. 
    Know more

    Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech

    Included in the kit

    Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
  • 1 x Control Panel

    Risco Lightsys control panel in the kit comes with inbuilt PSTN module to connect the system to your fixed telephone line.

  • Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
  • 1 x Risco Lightsys Touchscreen Keypad

    You can operate your home security system using the elegant touchscreen keypad which is attractive, responsive and reliable. The integrated voice module comes with full menu guide and listen-in and speak-in to the premises features.Available in snow white or midnight black.

  • Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
  • Risco Mobile App

    Enjoy full control of your security system from a single app, from any location as you go about your day. You can arm and disarm your system and receive real-time notification via sms, voice call and email in case of an event.The IP module that is require to avail this functionality is included in the kit.

  • Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
  • 2 x Wired PIR Sensors

    The PIR sensor use K-band microwave unique detection technology, a convex lens and gold-plated wall for enhanced catch performance and cover tampers for higher reliability. The kit comes with 3 PIR motion sensors and each one provides 15m coverage.

  • Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
  • 1 x Wireless Door Contact

    The wireless door contact is a supervised transmitter ideal for wireless perimeter door/window protection that has a built-in magnetic contact and an additional reed switch for anti-sabotage detection. It is powered by a standard 3-volt lithium battery. Any attempt to defeat the detector using large magnets will cause a tamper condition.The kit comes with 1 Risco wireless door contact.

  • Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
  • 1 x Wired External Siren

    The illuminated wired siren in its sleek design is extremely attractive and light up your external bell box even at night. Upon an alarm condition, the sounder will be activated for a pre-defined period of time. The maximum time that the sound will be activated is 5 minutes.

  • Fitted Risco LightSys2 Hybrid Smart Intruder Alarm | Smartech
  • 2 x Proximity Tags

    Proximity tags can be used instead of passcode to set and unset your home security system. The tags need to be read by the keypad by showing them 1-2cm away from the keypad. 2 proximity tags are included in the standard kit for easy access.

  • Receive Alarm Alerts

    Phone Calls

    Real phone calls from your security system that tells you if it is a fire, burglar or a panic alarm


    Add GSM module to receive text message with alarm information at the time of an event

    Push Message

    Push notifications on your App with details of the sensor that triggered the Alarm


    Emails with the details of the scence and the status of sensors when the alarm goes off

    No Telephone ? Get Connected via SIM

    The Risco Lightsys2 allows the security system to be connected via a mobile phone SIM card that enables your intruder alarm system to communicate over the GSM networks for system alerts. It can be used as the primary communication or as a back up for the IP (Internet) or PSTN (Telephone) communications in case of communication failure.You can enjoy peace of mind by receiving real time SMS, voice messages and email alerts using the GSM module.

    Fitted Risco Lightsys 2 Hybrid Alarm with Mobile App

    Remote Access with Smartphone App

    Your home security system comes with the smart phone App integration module to enjoy full control of your home security system directly from any location as you go about your day. You can conveniently arm and disarm your system ??? anytime, from any location using the iRISCO smartphone app. In the case of an event, receive real-time notification and check the status of the sensors to get the real picture of the security situation. RISCO smartphone app is clearly the best choice for home owners who want complete and easy management at their fingertips.

    Say YES to your Insurance Provider

    insurance approved alarms
  • Battery backed up control panel
  • Intruders are detected as soon as they enter premises
  • Notifies that a robbery is underway
  • BS 8243 Compliant
  • Regular maintenance options available
  • Suitable for all low risk residential homes
  • Areas we cover

  • We have the expertise to help you choose the right security solution whether it is an intruder alarm, a cctv surveillance camera, a door entry system or a combination of all.
  • We have experienced security Engineers to design your security system that perfectly fit your needs. Our installers are CRB checked professionals with years of experience running cables, fixing and fitting burglar alarms, cctv camera and access systems.
  • The price of the product includes installation, initial set up, detailed demonstartion and 1 year onsite warranty. Please see the areas covered to avail free installation.
  • Our team of expert installers will ensure that any product you purchase from us is installed to the highest standard, with care and consideration for your home and premises.
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    System Features

    Specifications of BARIS11 Risco Lightsys Hybrid Smart Alarm:

    Risco LightSys Control Panel
  • Wired motion detectors
  • Inbuilt PSTN (landline) telephone connection. Can replace or add extra with GSM (SIM) connection
  • Wireless receiver can be installed inside or outside the main enclosure
  • Zones: 8 - 48 wired, 8 - 50 wireless - up to 32 BUS detectors
  • Partitions: 4
  • Groups per partition: 4
  • Digital Voice Module: Full voice menu guide, two-way remote listen-in and talk, Pre-recorded or user-recordable messages for all zones, partitions and outputs, Remote operations such as acknowledge event, arm/disarm, activate outputs, etc.
  • PS Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • PS output / Main board input 14.4 VDC / 1.5A
  • Main board output: 800mA Aux current, 500mA siren driver
  • Dimensions Polycarbonate housing: (Height x Width x Depth) 288mm x 254mm x 90mm
  • Risco Elegant Touchscreen Keypad
  • Compatible with all of RISCO Group??s wired and hybrid security systems
  • Available in white or black with or without proximity reader
  • Risco Mobile App IP Module
  • This enables the system to communicate over a TCP/IP network
  • The IP module enables sending email alerts and system status information
  • Risco Wired PIR Sensors
  • K-band microwave for superior performance and false alarm immunity
  • Internal cover protecting the PCB
  • Elegant sleek design with a single convex lens
  • 15m (50??) coverage
  • Anti-Cloak??? technology (ACT???)
  • Green Line??? for disabling the MW during disarm
  • Mounting height - 2.1m- 2.7m (6??11??-8??10??)
  • Current Consumption - 16mA at 12VDC (typical) 41mA at 12VDC (max)
  • Voltage requirements - 9-16VDC
  • Physical Size 127.6 x 64.6 mm (5x2.5x18.4in.)
  • Weight - 120 gr. (4.2 oz.)
  • Risco Wireless Door Contact
  • Built-in magnetic contact
  • Dedicated switch for anti sabotage to defeat strong magnets
  • Operates up to 1000 ft. (300m) range (outdoor)
  • Fully supervised
  • Back & Cover tamper protection
  • Compatible with RISCO systems: Agility, LightSYS
  • Model name: RWT72I
  • Battery Type: CR123 3V Lithium Battery
  • Current Consumption: 15?A standby
  • Frequency: 868.65 MHz
  • Size: 81x35x32 mm (3.2 x 1.37 x1.27 in.)
  • Risco Wired External Siren
  • Selectable sound options
  • Cover & wall tampers
  • Input DC Power: 13.0 - 14.2 VDC
  • Sounder level: 114 dBA at 1m
  • Housing material: Polycarbonate with UV protection
  • Back-up battery : Ni-MH 8.4V, 280mA/h
  • Humidity: 95% maximum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 74mm x 273mm x 230mm
  • Risco Lightsys Proximity Tags
  • The proximity tag has a unique code and is programmed onto the system as an individual user, providing complete identification of users setting and unsetting the system
  • Max response time: 400ms
  • Dimensions: 35mm
  • Add-ons

    Risco GSM Module - Replace PSTN

    Connect your burglar alarm via SIM card instead of land telephone line
    £ 75.00

    Risco GSM/GPRS Module

    Add a back up communication via SIM card on top of the PSTN (telephone line) channel
    £ 150.00

    Risco Door & Window Contact

    Magnetic door or window sensor for wireless perimeter door or window protection
    £ 79.00

    Wired LightSYS PIR

    Add extra wired PIR detectors to sense motion and signal the control panel
    £ 50.00

    Risco Dummy Siren

    This high-visibility dummy siren box is excellent as a deterrent against burglars
    £ 39.00

    Risco Proximity Tags

    Small and easy to use, these proximity tags can be placed on a keychain for easy access to the premi
    £ 8.00

    Risco Alarm Monitoring Service

    Provides 24/7 round the clock monitoring of property for extra peace of mind
    £ 16.00

    Risco Smoke & Heat Detector

    The ideal choice for early detection of fire hazards in different environments with reduced risk of
    £ 120.00

    Lightsys2 Touchscreen Keypad

    Elegant Keypad to Control your Security System with inbuilt Proximity Reader
    £ 130.00

    Risco 2-Way Wireless Slim Keypad

    Wireless keypad compatible with hybrid Risco LightSys panel
    £ 100.00

    Risco PIR Motion Detector

    Add more PIR (pet friendly) motion detectors to your kit
    £ 79.00

    Risco Wireless Shock Detector

    Detects an attempt to force, smash, drill or saw through a protected window
    £ 79.00

    Risco Shock & Contact Detector

    Combined shock and door or window contact detector to analyze the vibration signal
    £ 79.00

    Risco 2-Button Panic Keyfob

    2-Button Panic keyfob to signal panic alarm if you are unable to reach another communication device
    £ 39.00

    Risco 2-Way Remote Control

    2-way 8 button Remote Control with LED status indicator to operate your security system
    £ 49.00

    Risco 4-Button Zone Keyfob

    A dedicated button can be programmed to control a zone to preform predefined actions
    £ 45.00

    Risco CO detector

    Alerts the control panel in the event of high CO and immediately forward to private phone number
    £ 120.00

    Risco Internal Sounder

    Helps to extend the sounding of the alarm to the indoor environment and can be used to scare off in
    £ 120.00

    Risco External Sensor

    With better false alarm immunity using two PIR channels with two separate detection areas
    £ 199.00

    Risco Wireless Panic Wristband

    The water resistant wristband can signal a panic alarm if you are unable to reach another communicat
    £ 49.00

    Risco Wireless Shock Detector

    Detects an attempt to force, smash, drill or saw through a protected window
    £ 79.00

    Risco VUpoint Indoor Cube IP Camera

    Integrated Plug and Play Internal IP Camera for live video verification
    £ 170.00

    Risco VUpoint P2P outdoor IP bullet camera

    Plug & play live video verification outdoor bullet IP Cameras
    £ 225.00

    Risco LightSys2 wired door sensor

    Wired door contact for doors and windows
    £ 50.00
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does the price includes cabling ?
      No. We can replace old alarm which has cables in place or can supply cables to be laid in place during refurbishment or construction. Once the cables are in place , we will install the alarm for you. We do this way not to disturb the decor for your home.
    • Does wired LightSys has Anti-Mask Technology ?
      Masking is when a possible intruder physically approaches the detector to cover the detector's field-of-view while the alarm system is not armed. The system will detect such an attempt and issue an alert. The masking feature works by having a receiver for every IR transmitter.
    • Are the sensors pet friendly ?
      No, the sensors included in the Lightsys kit are not pet friendly.
    • Does the wired alarm need maintenance ?
      Yes, the system needs to be tested and verified at least once in 2-3 years.

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