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Visonic Alarm Service

£ 120.00
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    • Product code : BSVIS01
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    Maintenance of your Alarm
    • Included in the Price
    Call Out Charges of Certified Installers
    Replacemant security system Batteries
    Complete Testing of your home security alarm
    • Price is not for installation of New Alarm

    Visonic Alarm Service

    Get your Visonic alarm serviced by CRB checked alarm Engineers at Smartech Security. This includes changing all of the system batterries and retesting the entire burglar alarm system to make sure your home security system works as expected. We service Visonic Powermaster10,  Visonic Powermaster30 , Visonic Powermax complete and all wireless Visonic alarm series.

    Call Out Charges-Smartech | Visonic Burglar Alarm Service by Certified Alarm Installers
    Call Out Charges

    Service call out charges included in the price

    Code Reset-Smartech | Visonic Burglar Alarm Service by Certified Alarm Installers
    Code Reset

    Code reset and running Updates on mobile App

    Device Batteries -Smartech | Visonic Burglar Alarm Service by Certified Alarm Installers
    Device Batteries

    Replacement Batteries for sensors, siren, panel and keyfobs

    Monthly Plans-Smartech | Visonic Burglar Alarm Service by Certified Alarm Installers
    Monthly Plans

    Available from £9.99 per month to service your security system

    Replace Devices-Smartech | Visonic Burglar Alarm Service by Certified Alarm Installers
    Replace Devices

    Replace any of your broken devices (charges apply)

    System Testing-Smartech | Visonic Burglar Alarm Service by Certified Alarm Installers
    System Testing

    We make sure that your home alarm is working as expected

    Areas we cover

  • We have the expertise to help you choose the right security solution whether it is an intruder alarm, a cctv surveillance camera, a door entry system or a combination of all.
  • We have experienced security Engineers to design your security system that perfectly fit your needs. Our installers are CRB checked professionals with years of experience running cables, fixing and fitting burglar alarms, cctv camera and access systems.
  • The price of the product includes installation, initial set up, detailed demonstartion and 1 year onsite warranty. Please see the areas covered to avail free installation.
  • Our team of expert installers will ensure that any product you purchase from us is installed to the highest standard, with care and consideration for your home and premises.
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    System Features

    Specifications of BSVIS01 Visonic Alarm Service:

    We Service
    Any Visonic Alarm Series including
  • Visonic Powermax Complete
  • Visonic Powermaster-10
  • Visonic Powermaster-30
  • Visonic Powermaster-33
  • Any Visonic Alarm Series
  • Add-ons

    Visonic Colour Proximity Tags

    Visonic Chicklets are small proximity tags for easy arming and disarming of the system
    £ 5.00

    Visonic Colour Proximity Tags

    Visonic Chicklets are small proximity tags for easy arming and disarming of the system
    £ 5.00

    Visonic Dummy Siren

    Effective at alerting and deterring potential intruders and is fitted mainly at the rear of your property
    £ 35.00

    Visonic GSM Communicator

    Connect to your security system using Mobile network by adding a SIM card
    £ 175.00

    Visonic Siren with Flashing Light

    Visonic Live Siren with 110dB siren and high-power strobe light keeps the intruder away from your home
    £ 120.00

    PowerMaster Anti-masking PIR

    Visonic TOWER-32AM PG2 uses Dual PIR and K-band microwave technologies with very low false alarms
    £ 99.00

    PowerMaster Camera Sensor

    Visonic Next CAM PG2 can detect movement as well as take picture of the scene
    £ 129.00

    PowerMaster CO Detector

    Visonic GSD-442 PG2 gives early warning of CO poisoning danger, preventing damage to vital organs
    £ 90.00

    PowerMaster Curtain Sensor

    Protect your glass doors/windows using Visonic wireless Clip PG2 Curtain Sensor
    £ 59.00

    PowerMaster Door Contact

    Buy Visonic MC-302E to protect your doors and windows from any burglary attempt
    £ 59.00

    PowerMaster External Sensor

    Addresses property owners?? security needs for accurate intruder detection with minimum false alarms
    £ 175.00

    PowerMaster External Siren

    Get your tamper proof wireless external siren with Smartech Security logo
    £ 120.00

    PowerMaster Flood Detector

    Visonic FLD-550 PG2 detect the presence of water in basements, yachts & give early flood alert
    £ 90.00

    PowerMaster Glass-break Detector

    Visonic GB-502 PG2 is a reliable glass break detector with near-zero false alarms
    £ 90.00

    PowerMaster Heat Detector

    Visonic SMD-427 PG2 activates an alarm when the temperature reaches 60??C (+/-3)
    £ 89.00

    PowerMaster Hexagon Siren

    Get your tamper proof hexagonal shape wireless external siren with Smartech Security logo
    £ 120.00

    PowerMaster Indoor Siren

    Visonic SR-720B PG2 is a wireless siren that produces different alarm sounds for intrusion & fire
    £ 90.00

    PowerMaster Keypad

    Use a separate keypad at entrance to arm, disarm and control your security system
    £ 150.00

    PowerMaster Mirror Detector

    Visonic TOWER-30AM PG2 provide outstanding motion detection with minimum false alarms.
    £ 79.00

    PowerMaster Natural Gas Detector

    Provides rapid warnings of natural gas leakage (Methane) commonly used for cooking and heating
    £ 120.00

    PowerMaster PIR Detector

    Visonic Powemaster wireless pet friendly motion sensor to detect unauthorised movement in protected area
    £ 59.00

    PowerMaster Portable Keypad

    Get the handheld or wall mounted keypad with integrated panic feature & audible status indications
    £ 80.00

    PowerMaster Shock sensor

    Get early warning of intrusion attempt by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters your home
    £ 69.00

    PowerMaster Slim Keyfob

    Use the slim keyfob to arm, disarm, set panic alarm and view the system status
    £ 39.00

    PowerMaster Smoke Detector

    Visonic SMD-426 is a wireless photoelectric smoke detector with 85db siren & prolonged battery life
    £ 75.00

    PowerMaster Smoke Detector

    Photoelectric, ceiling-mount smoke and heat detector with Loud (85db) alarm sounding
    £ 89.00

    PowerMaster Touchscreen Keypad

    Use this touchscreen keypad with proximity tag reader at entrance to arm and disarm your security system
    £ 150.00

    PowerMax 4-Button Keyfob

    4 buttons for arming and disarming wireless security systems, and for emergency signalling
    £ 35.00

    PowerMax 6-Button Keyfob

    6 functional buttons for arming, disarming, home, and more with LCD display for instant alarm status
    £ 39.00

    PowerMax CO Detector

    Gives early warning of CO poisoning danger, preventing damage to vital organs
    £ 120.00

    PowerMax Curtain Sensor

    Provides full perimeter protection for properties with large or subdivided windows, doors and all-glass walls
    £ 59.00

    PowerMax Door Contact

    Very compact design of door and window sensors which are virtually invisible
    £ 59.00

    PowerMax Flood Detector

    Visonic MCT-550, compatible with PowerMax, provide early warning of developing floods
    £ 59.00

    PowerMax Glass-break Detector

    Detects the breaking of different types of glass, including plate, tampered, laminated and wired
    £ 99.00

    PowerMax Internal Siren

    Ideal indoor siren with white strobe light particularly where outdoor sirens are prohibited
    £ 99.00

    Powermax Motion Detector

    These motion sensors enable you to secure your home while allowing your pets to move freely in the house
    £ 59.00

    PowerMax Panic Button

    Personal emergency button that provides an ideal solution for elderly care who need to raise emergency alarm calls
    £ 59.00

    PowerMax Portable Keypad

    Handheld or wall mounted to control your security system and comes with status indicator coloured LEDs
    £ 69.00

    PowerMax Smoke and Heat Sensor

    Visonic MCT-427 is a wireless heat and smoke detector with 85db alarm and tamper protection
    £ 79.00
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many devices included in the standard price of ??120 ?
      Upto 5 PIR sensors, 2 door contacts and 2 Keyfobs , control panel and siren
    • What is the cost to service a security system with 10 devices ?
      It costs ??10 per device
    • Is the price of battery included in the price ?
    • How to sign up for maintenance package ?
      Just speak to our installer and they will guide you through. We have maintenance packages starting from ??9.99 per month.
    • What if a device is faulty ?
      We can replace faulty device with new one and program it for you. Additional charges apply.
    • Can you service Alarms that were not installed by you? ?
      Yes, we can
    • Is it possible to service and reprogram if I don't know the installer code ?
      Yes, our installers can reset and reprogram your security system. Charges may apply

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