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Texecom Wired Burglar Alarm With Installation

£ 749.00 inc VAT (Additional cost for Cabling apply*)
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Includes supply and installation of
  • 1 x Texecom Premier Elite 48 Control Panel
  • 1 x Wired Keypad
  • 1 x SmartCom Hub for Smart phone App
  • 3 x Wired PIR Motion Detector
  • 1 x Door Contact
  • 5 x Proximity Tags
  • 1 x Odyssey 3 Live Siren

  • Need more sensors and devices?
  • Customise your security system here

Fitted Texecom Wired Alarm

Buy Texecom Premier Elite Wired Burglar Alarm Installed | Smartech

Texecom premier elite wired burglar alarm is the perfect security system solution for homes, offices and shops with high WiFi network coverage. This model of Texecom alarm can be installed as hybrid, grade 2 and grade 3 alarm as required.Installers at Smartech Security can categorise different sensors to separate partitions(max 4) and each partition can be armed and disarmed separately from keyfob, keypad, smartkey or your Texecom Connect mobile App. Texecom alarm uses your home WiFi to send alert messages to the home screen of your phone. Additional charges for cabling apply.

App Alert-Buy Texecom Premier Elite Wired Burglar Alarm Installed | Smartech
App Alert

Receive Push Notifications on your Smartphone App

Mobile App -Buy Texecom Premier Elite Wired Burglar Alarm Installed | Smartech
Mobile App

Remotely control your security system via smart phone App

Partition Control-Buy Texecom Premier Elite Wired Burglar Alarm Installed | Smartech
Partition Control

Arm or Disarm specific areas of your Home, say Upstairs only

Self monitored-Buy Texecom Premier Elite Wired Burglar Alarm Installed | Smartech
Self monitored

Receive alerts on your phone when the system is triggered

Strobe Siren-Buy Texecom Premier Elite Wired Burglar Alarm Installed | Smartech
Strobe Siren

Sound and strobe lights to alert people.

Tamper Proof-Buy Texecom Premier Elite Wired Burglar Alarm Installed | Smartech
Tamper Proof

The alarm will be triggered if the cover, base or power are altered

Alarm Installation

CRB Screened Staff
How do we install?

Alarm Maintenance

And extended warranty
Maintenance packages

Customise your Burglar Alarm

Add detection sensors and accessories for your tailored security system

Intruder Sensors

Texecom Premier Wireless PIR

Texecom Premier Wireless PIR

PIR sensors can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects. They are mounted on the wall near to the ceiling and communicates with the control panel that a movement has been noticed.
Tip : Entire room coverage. Recommended for ground floor rooms. Add one for upstairs room if they are easily accessible from outside.
£ 79.00
Texecom Wired Door Contact

Texecom Wired Door Contact

Comes in two pieces, one part of the contact sensor is installed on the door while the other is fixed on the door frame.They drift apart if the door is open, the sensor transmit ‘open’ signal to the control unit.
Tip : Protect your ground floor doors and windows. One recommended for front door. Consider a motion sensor for a room with more than 3 windows instead.
£ 50.00
Premier Elite Wired PIR

Premier Elite Wired PIR

PIR sensors can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects. They are mounted on the wall near to the ceiling and communicates with the control panel that a movement has been noticed.
Tip : Entire room coverage. Recommended for ground floor rooms. Add one for upstairs room if they are easily accessible from outside.
£ 50.00
Texecom Premier Wired Shock Sensor

Texecom Premier Wired Shock Sensor

If someone is banging, jiggling or attempting to force open the window or door the sensor causes the burglar alarm to activate.
Tip : Put this on a window that needs protection while you move freely in the room. Perfect for perimeter protection.
£ 50.00
Texecom Wired Dualtech Sensor

Texecom Wired Dualtech Sensor

Dual technology utilises both microwave and PIR channels for higher catch performance and false alarm immunity.
Tip : Ideal for garages and conservatories in homes, offices and small commercial buildings.
£ 60.00

Optional Add Ons

Texecom Premier Elite ComGSM

Texecom Premier Elite ComGSM

Add GSM communicator to install a SIM card inside your security alarm panel to communicate via SMS and internet. This way your burglar alarm is connected to the internet using the data from the SIM and not your home or office WiFi.
Tip : Choose GSM module as a back up mode of alert via SMS
£ 299.00
Texecom Dummy Siren Box

Texecom Dummy Siren Box

Decoy box to indicate that your home is protected.
Tip : Consider one for the rear of your home.
£ 39.00
Texecom Ricochet Panic Button

Texecom Ricochet Panic Button

Single push can be set to trigger the alarm , send notification or silently contact your monitoring station or key holder for instant help.
Tip : Choose for monitored alarms to set up a quick response.
£ 79.00
Pyronix V2 GSM Speech Dialler

Pyronix V2 GSM Speech Dialler

The V2 GSM speech dialler is connected to your security alarm panel and is integrated with SIM card to initiate direct phone calls and send SMS alerts to upto 9 numbers
Tip : Ideal to be used as a back up for smart phone App push notification alerts. You will receive pre-recorded voice calls and SMS alerts on alarm activation
£ 349.00
Pyronix V2 TEL Speech Dialler

Pyronix V2 TEL Speech Dialler

The V2 speech dialler is connected to your land telephone line to connect your security alarm to make direct phone calls to upto 4 numbers
Tip : Ideal to be used as a back up to receive pre-recorded voice call alerts on alarm activation
£ 199.00
Texecom Proximity Tag

Texecom Proximity Tag

Buy this to easily arm and disarm your security alarm
Tip : If you do not wish to share your security system PIN, get a proximity tag for them to use the system.
£ 8.00

Safety Sensors


Best in home security systems

The real traditional burglar alarms, now smarter than ever before

Fitted home security systems

Moving on to installation, we connect the control panel of your burglar alarm to mains and position the sensors accurately at manufactured recommended height to gain maximum coverage. The door contact guards the front door and is programmed to give you enough entry time in a normal scenario. The weather proof external siren box is positioned at a well sighted location on the front of your property and this act as a visible deterrent to intruders.Wireless keypad is generally placed near the entrance door. You can arm, disarm or part arm your security system with the keypad using PIN number or by showing the proximity tags close to keypad to perform designated actions. If someone tries to break-in the control panel triggers the inbuilt internal siren as well as the loud external siren. It alerts all the associated App users with push notifications of the incident on the home screen of their smart phone as well as send you email within seconds. The alert message informs you of the sensor(s) that triggered the alarm.

24/7 Burglar alarm monitoring

24x7 Monitoring Service

When you join Smartech's 24 hour monitoring package you can be assured that an alarm will never be missed as our staff at Alarm Receiving Centre is continuously watching your security system. Yes, exactly like a security guard but virtually, thanks to the latest technology communicators. We inform the police force almost the same time we receive a confimed alarm.

Dual path burglar alarm monitoring

Dual Path Signalling

For an added level of protection, security alarms are equipped with GSM SIM cards on top of internet connection.The dual path signalling provide double mode of confirmation when installed on a self monitored system or a monitored security system.

Single path burglar alarm monitoring

Single Path Signalling

Either one of the IP (broadband or WiFi) mode of signalling is used in single path security system installations. This is the popular choice for small and medium sized residential and business security installations.

No contract or no fee for self monitored burglar alarms

No Monitoring. No Monthly Fee

Save monitoring fee by self monitoring your burglar alarm with your smart phone App. Be proactive and download the App on each of your family members smart phone at no extra cost.

Pet safe sensors at no extra cost

Pet safe sensors at no extra cost

The passive infrared sensors (PIR) doesn't trigger you alarm for pets but for real intruders. If you got pets remember to opt for pet safe sensors at the checkout page.

Burglar alarm part arming downstairs

Night mode and part arming

Our burglar alarm let you set the alarm downstairs while you sleep safely upstairs. You can even add your detached garage as another partition and can be set or unset seperately.

Door contacts for Burglar alarm

No chance of leaving your door open

The door contacts fixed on each external door confirms that the doors are closed before you leave your home. If not, your security system tells you - not ready to arm, thus giving you complete peace of mind.


Recommended for

Live external burglar alarm siren

External siren loud enough to scare intruders away

Now you need not choose between bells only alarm and monitored alarm as we supply and install audible burglar alarms with professional and self monitoring. If triggered your security system sounds the siren and sends a message to your phone or monitoring station .

External Sensor

Line crossing detection with External Sensor

Add an external sensor to your custom home security package and get notified even before the intruder tries to break in. The external sensor uses multiple sensing technologies and does not trigger for wind, small animals or flies but for unauthorised entrants in the protected area.

Shock sensor for burglar alarm

Protect your doors and windows while you are home

64% of burglaries are attempted when people are at home. So why not add shock sensors to your windows and protect yourself and family all day long. The windows and doors can be programmed to seperate partition and armed seperately allowing you to move freely inside without triggering the alarm.

Remote controlling of burglar alarm with your Smart phone App

Remote controlling with your Smart phone App

Operating your security system is rather simple from your smart phone app. It allows you to skip sensors if you wish to permit access to your cook, nanny or any surprise guests to part of your home without triggering the alarm, all remotely, from your mobile app.


Works With

works with Apple
Apple iPhones
works with Android phones
Android Phone
iphone icon
Apple iPhone
android phone icon
Android Phone
Wired burglar alarm

Maintenance free long lasting wired alarms

The initial cost of cabling and getting a wired alarm installed is bit higher compared to wireless alarms, but in the long run you benefit from a maintenance free reliable and smart security system with absolutely low running cost.

Specifications of BATX18 Fitted Texecom Wired Alarm

Premier Elite 48 Control Panel
  • Number of wireless zones : 8 Zones Expandable To 48
  • Event Log time & Date stamped : 500
  • Area : 4
  • Dimensions : 304mm x 266mm
  • EN rated energy efficient switch mode power supply
  • Can be installed PD6662:2017 Grade 2 or Grade 3 Class II
  • Polymer and metal casing available

  • Premier Elite LCD Keypad
  • Large blue LCD screen with touchtone backlit keys. Built-in proximity tag reader.
  • Blue LCD Screen
  • Touchtone Keys
  • Backlighting
  • 2 Additional Zones
  • Extension Speaker
  • Built-in Proximity Tag Reader
  • Texecom Connect Mobile App
  • The Texecom Connect App is a smartphone app for iOS devices.
  • Automate Smart locks
  • Automate Lighting
  • Control Temperature and humidity sensing
  • Control Home entertainment
  • Controllers for home appliances
  • Automate blinds
  • Premier Elite PIR
  • 15m volumetric range
  • Digital signal processing
  • Up to 35Kgs (77lbs) pet immunity
  • Built-in EOL resistors
  • Mounting height alignment
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Wired Surface Contact
  • Not quite small
  • Approx 100g
  • Can be skipped if you do not want visible cabling around your door

  • Premier Proximity Tags
  • The Texecom Premier Elite Proximity Tags are for use with the Texecom Premier Elite LCD Remote Keypads
  • Arm and disarm the system with ease
  • Premier Elite Odyssey 3 Siren
  • 109dB Piezo Sounder
  • IP65 Sealed Electronics
  • Alternating white LED indication
  • Lid and Wall Tamper
  • Grade 2, EN50131-4, EN50131-5-3, PD6662: 2017, Class IV
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    Ewans 1 year ago
    Connected to my Control4 Smart Home. Working like a charm

    These guy gave me shcematic for my electrician to lay cables, came later to install and fix few teething issues thereafter.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much does texecom cloud cost ?
      Texecom cloud is meant for professional Texecom installers to remotely maintain and check installation periodically.
    • Which Texecom Alarm ?
      There are different models of Texecom alarm available in the market. We have chosen the best one that can have maximum devices without adding extender modules. At Smartech, Texecom Premier Elite 48 is our best choice as wired Texecom home alarm.It is possible to add wireless devices to this system as well.
    • What is Texecom Connect ?
      Texecom Connect is the name of the smart phone App used to control your security system. You get status updates as push notification on the home screen of your phone. It is possible to check the logs, arm and disarm as well as skip zones temporarily from Texecom Connect.
    • What is texecom smartcom ?
      Smartcom is the IP(Internet Protocol) module that takes your texecom alarm online. This means, your texecom alarm will be connected to your home WiFi using the smartcom so that the texecom alarm panel can communicate with your smartphone App.
    • Can I install Texecom myself? Is Texecom a DIY system ?
      You may always give a try. But Texecom is a professional British standard burglar alarm recommended to be installed by certified installers. It is always better to buy the texecom alarm with installation as you get a 1 year onsite warranty on the product as well as installation. For those instances when you buy the system and arrange for a texecom installer, we would not be able to offer warranty on the product.
    • Is Texecom compatible with Control4 Home automation system ?
      Yes. Texecom is the only burglar alarm that can be connected to Control4 home automation controller.
    • How to compare Texecom to other alarms ?
      Please choose other burglar alarms that you would like to compare from our shopping page and click on Compare button.
    • Is this Texecom alarm completely wired ?
      The control panel is always connected to mains. All other components are connected using alarm cables. The price does not include the cost of cabling. It is based on the assumeption that cables ar pin place for us to install the burglar alarm.
    • Is the siren included in the pack fully illuminated ?
      Yes. The siren included with the pack is illuminated.
    • What if I need special Texecom sensors that are not listed in here ?
      Get in touch with us and we can place custom orders for all and any Texecom sensors available in the market.
    • Who installs my alarm if I buy online ?
      Certified installers at Smartech installs your burglar alarm. We do not outsource to third party contractors.
    • Is there a monthly fee for Texecom App ?
      No monthly or annual charge for Texecom App as of now (2020)

    Download Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite Manual

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