Well designed, reliable and cost effective

This review of Pyronix alarm is based on our experience and feedbacks received on installing hundreds of Pyronix alarm over the last decade. These are true to the best of our knowledge and we believe this helps end users in making the right decision in choosing their home alarms. 

Pyronix sells both wired and wireless alarms, as well as hybrid versions that are a combination of both. They are well designed, reliable and flexible security alarm that can incorporate upto  66 devices to cover all part of your home and commercial premises. This is an excellent choice of alarm for all types of property including apartments, houses and even small offices and shops.


This is not a DIY system and requires professional installation. If not installed according to the standards, the intruder alarm will not function as expected and you would be disappointed with the performance. Electrician or the DIYer would not be ready to accept this and the blame sadly goes to Pyronix. You may read this on Trustpilot Pyronix alarm review.

Battery Life

Each of the wireless devices in the system is monitored for battery life and you get informed as soon as the battery requires replacing. The sensors sleeps when detection isn’t required, so that battery power can be effectively conserved saving energy and money.

Peripheral Devices

There are a number of additional safety and security devices which can be added into the Pyronix Enforcer system. This range from shock sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, door contacts, curtain sensors and external sensors. .Anti-mask detectors are available that can detect if someone is trying to cover up the sensors to set the alarm off. 

Pet Friendly

As a professional Pyronix installer, I would say with no doubt that Pyronix alarms are the best in market for a pet friendly burglar alarm. You can set the alarm with your pet in the house without having to worry about false alarms being accidentally triggered by your pet’s movements. 


This award winning intruder alarm features a 2 way wireless control panel. It is possible to either set or unset the alarm by keying a pin number into the keypad, or alternatively by presenting a proximity tag or keypad or even by simply pressing the key fob.

Smart phone App

Pyronix alarms are smart and you can control and monitor remotely from your smartphone or tablet using the ProControl+ app.  This means they can alert you, wherever you are in the world, if there is a security issue at home. This a paid service with annual subscription. We offer Pyronix App renewal at Smartech. Know More

Speech Dialler

Pyronix’s speech dialler allow you to listen in to your home and talk back. They are high end quality and we prefer to install these for other alarm brands too. You receive call alerts on you phone if you alarm is triggered.


The only issue reported with Pyronix alarm is the siren going off unnecessarily occasionally. The error message reported is tamper. This normal occurs after few years of installation. This issue has been reported by around 1.5 in 100 hundred customers. It seems that Pyronix is aware of this technical fault and is working on to fix this.

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