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NSI approved security installation company NSI approved security installation company

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NSI approved security installation company NSI approved security installation company

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Fitted Pyronix Enforcer Wifi Connected Burglar Alarm | Smartech
The main control unit

The control panel communicates wirelessly using 868 MHz frequency signal with all connected devices
and triggers the alarm and alerts you when appropriate.

We have added the external siren and 2 remote controls to make your intruder alarm handy.
Continue adding motion sensors and detectors to build your complete bespoke security system.

Wired connection to the mains
Connected to your Home WiFi
Inbuilt internal siren
12V backup battery
Add detection sensors

Choose motion sensors, door sensors, external sensors, decoy siren box, keyfobs and many more.
We will guide you on how to choose the best devices to meet your home security needs.

Intruder Detection Sensors

Wireless Door Contact Wireless Door Contact
Comes in two pieces, one part of the contact sensor is installed on the door while the other is fixed on the door frame.They drift apart if the door is open, the sensor transmit ‘open’ signal to the control unit.
Tip : Protect your ground floor doors and windows. One recommended for front door. Consider a motion sensor for a room with more than 3 windows instead.
£ 79.00
Wireless PIR sensor Wireless PIR sensor
PIR sensors can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects. They are mounted on the wall near to the ceiling and communicates with the control panel that a movement has been noticed.
Tip : Entire room coverage. Recommended for ground floor rooms. Add one for upstairs room if they are easily accessible from outside.
£ 79.00
Wireless Curtain Sensor Wireless Curtain Sensor
A curtain motion detector is thin and not expansive. Suitable for monitoring traffic through a door, or protecting well-defined areas.
Tip : Ideal for large glass doors and bay windows
£ 69.00
Wireless Shock & Contact Sensor Wireless Shock & Contact Sensor
If someone is banging, jiggling or attempting to force open the window or door the sensor causes the burglar alarm to activate
Tip : Put this on a window that needs protection while you move freely in the room. Perfect for perimeter protection.
£ 99.00
Dual Tech Sensor Dual Tech Sensor
Dual technology utilises both microwave and PIR channels for higher catch performance and false alarm immunity
Tip : Ideal for garages and conservatories in homes, offices and small commercial buildings.
£ 99.00

Optional Add Ons

4 Button Keyfob 4 Button Keyfob
Similar to your car's remote control. Can be used to arm, disarm , set panic alarm or part arm. Upto 4 different functions.
Tip : Consider getting one if you have chance of forgetting the PIN
£ 49.00
Wireless Keypad Wireless Keypad
Integrated with proximity tag reader, the wireless keypad can be placed next to your exit door for easy arming and disarming
Tip : Choose for traditional arming using PIN number
£ 120.00
Pyronix Dummy Siren Pyronix Dummy Siren
Decoy box to indicate that your home is protected.
Tip : Consider one for the rear of your home
£ 35.00
Proximity Tags Proximity Tags
Arm and disarm your security system by scanning them near to the keypad
Tip : Consider one if you would like to grand access without revealing the PIN. Perfect for cook, childminder or household helpers.
£ 15.00
Indoor WiFi cube camera Indoor WiFi cube camera
Watch what’s happening at home from your phone, speak and listen from your smart phone App.
Tip : Choose one for hallway or common area with high foot fall.
£ 199.00
Pan and Tilt Indoor IP Camera Pan and Tilt Indoor IP Camera
Tilt your camera from your mobile App to see what's happening at your home when you are away.
Tip : Ideal for verifying system activity, or checking on kids or pets.
£ 199.00
Outdoor WiFi HD Dome Camera Outdoor WiFi HD Dome Camera
The ideal camera for monitoring the perimeter, Pyronix outdoor dome camera delivers clear images.
Tip : ideal for outdoor use as it weather proof and vandal resistant.
£ 225.00
Pyronix V2 GSM Speech Dialler Pyronix V2 GSM Speech Dialler
The V2 GSM speech dialler is connected to your security alarm panel and is integrated with SIM card to initiate direct phone calls and send SMS alerts to upto 9 numbers
Tip : Ideal to be used as a back up for smart phone App push notification alerts. You will receive pre-recorded voice calls and SMS alerts on alarm activation
£ 349.00
Pyronix V2 TEL Speech Dialler Pyronix V2 TEL Speech Dialler
The V2 speech dialler is connected to your land telephone line to connect your security alarm to make direct phone calls to upto 4 numbers
Tip : Ideal to be used as a back up to receive pre-recorded voice call alerts on alarm activation
£ 199.00

Safety Sensors

Smoke Sensor Smoke Sensor
For early detection of fire hazards with reduced risk of false alarms.
Tip : Ideal for hallways , kitchen and common areas
£ 99.00
Flood Detector Flood Detector
Get early warning of water leaks and minimise damage that can be caused by burst pipes, leaks.
Tip : Ideal for wash room, kitchen
£ 69.00
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Your security system will be installed to meet NSI’s stringent standards and you will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance which can be presented to your insurer for lower premium.

Yes, I need NSI Certificate

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Our engineers will visit you annually, to check and test each component to prevent an issue from occurring. Yearly mobile App subscription Fee included.

£12 per month(*max of 12 devices)
Yes, I need annual maintenance

calculate security alarm quote online

Ideal if you need 24x7 monitoring by accredited ARC. Does not rely on your home internet. Monthly payment and contract applicable.

£12 per month
Yes, I need 24x 7 ARC Monitoring

Your custom built security alarm

Control Panel, Siren & 2 Remote Controls £312
Professional Installation Free
1 Year Home Control+ App Subscription Included
Total cost including installation £312 inc VAT

Spread the cost with Direct Debit

Initial payment - 40%
Direct Debit payment the 1st month after installation - 30%
Direct Debit payment the 2nd month after installation - 30%