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How much does a burglar alarm cost

Get burglar alarm installation cost in seconds - wired and wireless for your home and business.

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Home Security Systems

Home alarms, security cameras and video
intercoms installed and serviced to highest standards

NSI approved security installation company NSI approved security installation company

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As your local alarm company, we are dedicated to secure your homes in London and near by areas. Talk to our security experts.

Business Security

Business Security Systems

Intruder alarms and camera installation by
certified security company near London and Home Counties

NSI approved security installation company NSI approved security installation company

Monitored Security

We have been helping businesses in London and near by area protect their office and retail units with monitored alarms and cameras.


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Buy Burglar Alarm, CCTV and Video Intercoms online. Guaranteed professional installation within 10 working days

NSI approved security installation company NSI approved security installation company

Home Alarm Monitoring

24x7 Monitoring of your home security alarm. Choose Monitoring at Checkout.
From £12 per month.

Home Alarm Monitoring

24/7 security system monitoring to safe guard your home and loved ones

Getting a security system installed is only half way through safe guarding your home. It is quite an unfortunate fact that intruders do target theft attractive properties even with a professional burglar alarm installed. But with a 24/7 home alarm monitoring in place, you tighten up your home security by scrutinizing the intrution time. Expert studies reveleals intruders give up and leave the site in less than two minutes from a house with fully monitored alarm system.

Not a single alarm igonred

Never miss any alerts from your burglar alarm system even when you are away on holiday or at work. We work in partnership with NSI certified alarm receving centres with over 30 years of industry experience, who promptly respond to your security alarm
all round the clock

Benefits of home alarm monitoring

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

Monthly Payments

Spread the cost of burglar alarm monitoring by signing up monthly direct debits from as low as 40 pence per day.

Audio Response to CCTV Monitoring

Police Response

Monitored alarms with a URN(Unique Reference Number) issued by local police constubalory get faster response

Timed CCTV Monitoring

SIM Included

Not dependant on your telephone line and broadband connection as we supply and maintain the communicators for single or dual path monitoring.

do i need a burglar alarm

Do I need a monitored alarm?

As per the the UK Police force, most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves looking for the easiest way of getting into your home without being seen. A burglar alarm is always a visible deterrent for intruders but deciding on whether to have a self monitored alarm or an alarm monitored by 24/7 monitoring station depends on indivudual needs. Below is a piece of information gained from our experience which we think would help you make the right decision.

Burglar alarm control panel

Serious Security

Home owners who defenitley doesnt want to be in the trouble of getting burglered often choose for professionally monitored alarm systems.

Burglar alarm sensors

Home Away

Home owners who tend to travel for work and leisure often choose to opt for monitored alarm system to avaoid the chance of an alarm being ignored.

alarm signalling

Expensive Stock

Domestic premises with expensive and vulnerable pocessions would defenitely opt for 24/7 monitoring of their security alarm.

Common question about
alarm monitoring

  • What is included in home alarm monitoring?

    The cost of alarm monitoring includes the cost of communicating equipment including the SIM (if opted for non IP monitoring) and 24/7 monitoring of your security alarm notifications. We will contact you according to the rules set out at the time of installation.
  • What is the cost of home alarm monitoring?

    Starting from £12 per month we have several packages available. You may find this on our alarm product pages.
  • How is security alarm monitored?

    There are three main mode of monitoring - 1. IP using your broadband connection- 2. Single Path GSM - Using a built in SIM card - 3. Dual Path - Using both GSM and IP. We will connect your security system to the monitoring station using one of the above channels, test and verify before handover
  • What happens if there is an issue with monitoring?

    We will come over and fix the errors if there is a fault with communication free of cost.
  • What is expected of me in the event of a break-in/alarm trigger?

    When we receive an alarm, we’ll follow the protocols that we set up at the time of installation. This includes who we call or text when an alarm is activated. For Police response alarms, we will inform the local police same time as we contact you. One of the keyholder is expected to reach the site as early as possible to reset the alarm thereafter.
  • Who monitors my alarm?

    We have tie up with NSI Gold alarm monitoring companies who monitors all our domestic and business security system.
  • What systems do you monitor?

    It is possible to monitor wired and wireless burglar alarms. Currently we install and monitor Texecom, Pyronix, Risco and Visonic alarms.
  • Will there be a fine if Police turns up for false alarm?

    No.Following 2 false calls in a rolling 12 month period you will be advised, in writing by the Police, with a copy being forwarded to us informing the status. Following 3 false calls in a rolling 12 month period your police response will be withdrawn.
  • Will you contact me before you dispatch Police?

    We will pass the message to the police at the same time we contact you. Normally an alarm is confirmed with sequential trigger.
  • What is a confirmed alarm?

    When we receive an alarm triggered sequentially by two or more sensors we consider it as confirmed alarm. This is set up during installation. Please speak to our Enginner at the time of installation if you prefer customisation.
  • Do you outsource manned security response?

    Yes. We have tie up with CRB screened manned security guard providers who would serve as keyholders for you.
  • Is there an administrative cost for Police response?

    Yes. Each application for a URN both Intruder and Hold Up Alarm (Panic Alarm) is subject to an administration fee of £45.66 plus VAT.
  • Can you monitor an alarm not installed by yourself?

    Yes. We will make sure the alarm is installed to the required standards and will take over monitoring and maintenance.
  • Can you do video monitoring?

    Yes. Visual verificaiton is possible by connecting an IP camera to your security alarm