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Smartech Security

Smartech - An NSI Gold Certified Security Installation Company

For robust, high quality business and home security

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is recognised as the leading certification body for the security sector in the UK. NSI organises stringent audits every 6 months to make sure that the we maintain the highest standards in our installations as well as documentation. It is mandatory for police response alarms to be installed to NSI Gold/Silver standards.

What is an NSI Certified Security Installation?

This begins with a detailed site survey and risk analysis of your home or business premises. Our security screened Engineer would receommend the security devices you might need to completely protect your premises. He would help you choose the right grade of burglar alarm depending on the theft-worth value of your belongings.Our office would then send you the detailed quotation and specification detailing the position of sensors, keypad, external signalling devices and any communication devices that is to be installed. On the day of installation, we will be installing the security devices as quoted and would carry out extensive testing and reporting of the test results on our records. The installation might take several hours or days depending on the size of the premises. Normally 4 hours for a standard wireless installation for domestic property and 1 to 5 days for a Grade 3 installation at commercial property.

We will issue an NSI Gold certificate on completion which has a unique reference number. This is kept as reference when applying for URN (Unique Referene Number) for Police response. Remember to check with your insurer whether having a security alarm system installed and maintained by an NSI approved company leaves you eligible to a discount on your insurance premium. Do not get mislead by NSI certified Installer and NSI certified ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). Only an NSI certified installation company would be able to offer you a URN which is mandatory for Police force to respond to your security alarm. An NSI certified installation company can only use an NSI certified ARC to monitor their customer's burglar alarms and CCTV but not vice-versa.

NSI Certified Commercial Security Installations

Getting an NSI certified security alarms and CCTV on your business premises would defenitley give you a huge saving on your insurance premium as well as the complete peace of mind you deserve.

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