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NSI approved security installation company NSI approved security installation company

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NSI approved security installation company NSI approved security installation company


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One of the most effective ways to protect your home and family is by installing a security system. There are many different types of systems available, from basic alarms to advanced systems that include cameras, motion sensors, and remote monitoring. When choosing a security system, consider your budget, the size of your home, and the level of protection you need. It’s also important to choose a reputable company with a good track record for customer service and support.

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It is now easy to monitor security in homes. With a smart home security camera you can get notifications of any movement in and around your home.

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It’s great knowing who’s is at the door before you open it. With a smart doorbell, you can see, talk and open doors for your visitors and delivery man.

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Home security is a top priority for many homeowners, as burglary can happen to anyone at any time. Installing a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your family and home from becoming the next target. Shockingly, statistics show that 63% of burglaries occur in homes without a security system. By investing in a security system, your home becomes a much more difficult target for burglars, and the chances of getting caught are significantly higher. Our professional security system installation company offers a range of options, including burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, and video intercoms. These modern security systems even come with a smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your home, answer your doorbell, and control your security alarm remotely.

Consider before you buy

  • Burglar Alarms


    When buying a burglar alarm kit there are a few things to think about

    • How many sensors do you need? You should think about easy break in points like exit doors and windows. It is advisable to add a motion sensor to common walk in area like hallways. Burglars normally targets front and rear doors. So you may choose to add door contacts to these common entry points. You may opt to add shock sensors to upstairs windows so that your burglar alarm can be armed at night and allows you to move around without triggering the alarm. It is possible to add glass break detectors, smoke and heat sensors, curtain sensors and beam sensor for added security.
    • Do I need to arm parts of my home separately? If you have a detached garage, you may choose to add a sensor there and arm it separately from house. It is also possible to partition the house as downstairs and upstairs and arm them separately.
    • Does a wireless solution or wired one suits my home? Wired security alarms are possible in two instance. If you have an old alarm and would like to replace it with a smart alarm, go for wired security solution as it is possible to use the old cabling. Alternatively, if you property is under construction or renovation, it is possible to run cables and so a wired burglar alarm would be ideal. In all other case it is advisable to choose a wireless burglar alarm.
    • DIY or professional installation ? Professional systems are reliable and if self-monitored is cost effective in the long run. There are hundreds of options and configurations that you can customise for a professional security alarm. DIY systems doesn’t offer savings on your home insurance but it is a cost effective and simple security solution for those looking for small domestic installation.
    • Is there a maintenance cost for my home alarm? Wireless alarm needs servicing every year as they run on batteries and these needs replacement to function properly. The cost of alarm service depends on the number of sensors you have in your security system configuration. At Smartech, you may choose to sign up of maintenance contract with monthly payment starting from £12 per month or opt for pay as you go service. Pay as you go alarm service starts form £120 inc VAT.
    • Do I need 24x7 professional monitoring? In the modern smart world, it is possible to connect your alarm to your smart phone through android and iPhone applications. This allows you to receive alerts from your burglar alarm straight on to your smart phone. In case you are away or you could foresee chances of missing the alerts, you may choose to delegate the monitoring task to our staff at Alarm Receiving Centre. They work 24x7 and assure that none of the alerts are missed. For ARC monitored alarms, staff at Smartech can help you request URN and arrange for police response.
    • Are you planning to buy pets ? If you have pets or is planning to buy pets in future, it is wise to choose pet friendly sensors. At Smartech, we offer pet safe sensors at no extra cost.

  • Security Camera and CCTV


    Consider the following when buying a CCTV kit.

    • How many cameras do you need? Think about the size of your house and how many potential access points there are for unwanted visitors.
    • What resolution camera is best? The higher the resolution, the clearer the image, so if you’re a home owner and at higher potential risk to theft you might want to consider4MP or 8MP camera kits. If you’re simply looking to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away, a lower definition camera kit could do the job.
    • Is there a possibility for future expansion? Think about any future extension that you are planning. You may choose a higher recorder that can accommodate more cameras in case you are planning for a future expansion of your home security camera system.
    • You should also consider your storage options. The home security camera kits at Smartech comes with wired DVR or NVR with hard disk for local storage at no extra cost. You may choose to increase the size of hard disk for more storage capacity.

  • Intercom and Door Entry System


    • How many answering units you need? Think about the number of floors you have at your home and how convenient it would be to answer your door bell from each floor. The cost of the door entry system increase with number of internal answering units though.
    • How many answering units you need? Think about the number of floors you have at your home and how convenient it would be to answer your door bell from each floor. The cost of the door entry system increase with number of internal answering units though.
    • Is it for a single home or a flat with more than 1 apartment? It would be ideal to skip the keypad with numbers for a single home but can be added if you need to set password for entry. Multiple apartment in a single dwelling would need bigger configuration with keypad and customisation.
    • Are there cables in place? It is possible to replace old audio intercoms with video ones. The cost of intercom installation might go high if you need new cables to be run from gate to house.

All in one Home Security Deals

Pyronix Enforcer 10 Digi-WiFi Wireless Alarm

£ 899.00
  • Pyronix Enforcer 10 Control Panel
  • 2 x Wireless PIR Sensor
  • 1 x Wireless Door Contact
  • 2 x 4-button remote Keyfobs
  • 1 x Wirless Live Siren

  • Professional Installation
  • 25% OFF with NO Fitting

Hikvision 4MP Darkfighter IP CCTV System - 2TB, 2 Camera

£ 1,149.00
  • 2 X 4MP Hikvision Darkfighter IP Camera
  • 1 X 4 Channel NVR
  • 2TB Hard Disk
  • Smart Phone App
  • Cables and Cabling

  • Professional Installation
  • 25% OFF with NO Fitting

HikVision Modular Video Intercom with Installation

£ 1,199.00
  • 1 x 1 Channel Video Modular Outdoor Station
  • 1 x Modular Touchscreen Indoor Display
  • Cable & Mobile App Set Up
  • Neat & Tidy Installation

  • Professional Installation
  • 25% OFF with NO Fitting

Risco Agility 4 Burglar Alarm with Camera Sensor

£ 1,149.00
  • 1 x Risco Agility 4 Control Panel
  • 1 x Panda Wireless Keypad
  • 2 x Wireless Camera PIR
  • 1 x Wireless Door Contact
  • 1 x Wireless External Siren
  • 2 x Proximity Tags
  • 1 Year App Subscription

  • Professional Installation
  • 25% OFF with NO Fitting