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How much does a burglar alarm cost

Get burglar alarm installation cost in seconds - wired and wireless for your home and business.

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How much does a burglar alarm cost?

Get your custom burglar alarm quote in seconds by answering 10 quick questions
Burglar alarm cost calculator by Smartech helps your choose the right home or business alarm with 3 options to compare.
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I want a security alarm for my...

  • Alarm_finder_for_home

    Domestic premises including bungalow, terraced, detached and semi-detatched houses and garages

  • Alarm_finder_for_business

    Any commercial or retail premises including shop, office, warehouse, school and any business units

This help us to identify the grade of security alarm needed
to completely secure your premises and as required by insurance companies.

How many exit door do you normally use?

  • Door contacts for alarm

    Front entrance of your home that you normally use to come in and go out.

  • Door contacts for alarm

    Include the front and rear doors if you use both of them quite often.

  • Door contacts for alarm

    Choose more if you would like to add sensors to all doors that you can use to enter or exit the property from outside including front and rear doors. Double doors can be counted as one.

This help us to know how many door contacts you would
need for your security alarm

Do you enter into a hallway or a room from your main entrance?

  • Into hallway

    Choose if your entrance door opens to a Hallway or common area.

  • Flat alarm

    Most of the business and few domestic premises takes you to a closed room from the entrance door.

This help us determine if you need an additional motion
sensor for the common walkthrough area

How many floors are there in your property?

  • home and business alarm

    Single storied properties like bungalow and shops with just the ground floor.

  • double story alarm

    Double storied semi-detached , detached and terraced houses including the ground floor.

  • Multi story home alarm

    Multi storied town houses and properties with more than 2 levels including the ground floor.

We want to give you the right security system configuration
at the best price.

How many rooms in ground floor with windows accessible from outside ?

  • Studio flat alarm

    Single studio room with maximum of 12m range, if more wider choose 2. Exclude the hallway and bathrooms.

  • semi detached home alarm

    Two rooms, say lounge or kitchen/diner with maximum of 12m range each, if more wider choose the apt one.Exclude the hallway and bathrooms.

  • detached home alarm

    Choose the number of ground floor rooms you need to secure with movement detection sensors.

This help us determine how many PIR motion sensors you would
need for your intruder alarm

Would you like to secure your garage as well?

  • Attached Garage

    Choose this option if you would like to secure your attached garage or upto 12m apart.

  • Flat alarm

    Choose this option if you do not wish to secure your garage.

We would include dualtech sensors for better security and
less false alarm in garages

Would you like to secure upstair windows?

  • Perimeter protection

    Choose this option if you do not wish to add sensors to any particular upstairs room excluding the landing.

  • Perimeter protection

    You can move freely as the sensors are placed on the windows. Select the number of windows in the room(s) that need to be secured

We can include shock sensors and program your burglar alarm
to trigger even before the actual break-in

Do you need any keyfobs for easy access?

  • No Tags

    Choose this option if you do not wish to add any proximity tags to your security pack.

  • Proximity Tags

    You may use proximity tags to arm and disarm your security alarm without entering the Passcode. Handy for people with regular access.

These little tags help you grant access to others
without sharing your PIN

Let us know if your property is under construction or refurbishment

  • Alarm Finder

    It would be possible to consider wired options if your home or office is under refurbishment. This doesnt apply to warehouses and industrial units.

  • Flat alarm

    It would be possible to consider only wireless alarms if the walls are plastered and decorated.

This help us to choose between a wired and wireless alarm system.

Choose your required level of monitoring

  • Self Monitored alarm

    With the alarm connected to home internet, you would be able to operate as well as monitor your security system from your smart phone App.

  • semi detached home alarm

    Your security system will be monitored 24x7 by staff at Alarm Receiving Centre. This can be done with or without police response.

  • No monitoring

    No smart phone App, acts as a bells only alarm.

This help us to let you know of any additional ongoing cost
after installation.

Finally, It would be smart to have GSM backup but not necessary

  • Self Monitored alarm

    Self maintained GSM SIM card to get SMS or call alerts in addition to smart phone App alerts

  • semi detached home alarm

    No GSM back up but receive push notification through App with connection to WiFi.

This help us identify the communication channels needed for monitoring

How do we calculate your Burglar Alarm Cost

Burglar alarm cost calculator has been designed by experts to effortlessly offer the best security system solution for your home or business. It's quick and easy. No personal information asked. Get home alarm system cost and business burglar alarm cost in seconds!!

The burglar alarm cost calcuator by Smartech helps home owners as well as business owners to select the best burglar alarm that would meet all of their requirements. You have options to choose wired and wireless burglar alarm or monitored and self monitored alarms. We have a comparison on UK's popular British standard burglar alarms. You need not have any technical knowledge abour burglar alarm to complete the questionaire and get your personalised house alarm quote.

You may use the i icon on the image to know more on any of the questions in the alarm selector tool. The calculated price includes burglar alarm installation cost including VAT. There is no hidden cost and you may choose to email your security system quotation to receive 10% OFF voucher code. Choose ARC monitoring if you would like to know the cost of monitored intruder alarm. There are different options for monitoring which are described on each burglar alarm product page.