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Texecom Premier Elite Burglar Alarm With GSM

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Get Texecom wireless burglar alarm with GSM fitted and receive SMS alerts on your phone. It can be installed as the main communication channel or as a back up to the WiFi enabled notifications. Skip sensors, part arm, arm and disarm from your Texecom Connect App. SIM not included. More

£ 1,049.00 inc VAT
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SELF Monitored
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SAVE £50
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Includes supply and installation of
  • 1 x Texecom Premier Elite 64-W Control Panel
  • 1 x LCDLP-Wireless Keypad
  • Texecom Premier Elite ComGSM
  • 3 x Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
  • 1 x Micro Wireless Door Contact
  • 5 x Proximity Tags
  • 1 x Wirless Live Siren

Recommended Add Ons

Add the main alarm kit to basket before you choose Addons.

  • Texecom Door Contacts
  • Texecom Door Contacts

    £ 79.00

    Add door contacts to exit doors on rear and side of your home. This will trigger the alarm if someone tries to break in through these doors

  • Texecom Premier Wireless PIR
  • Texecom Premier Wireless PIR

    £ 79.00

    You may want to protect more rooms of your home or a near by out-building. Add more movement detectors.

  • Premier Elite Smartkey
  • Premier Elite Smartkey

    £ 59.00

    You may want to arm, part arm or disarm your security system from anywhere in the vicinity using remote keyfobs. These smartkeys from Texecom comes with 4 programmable buttons.

  • Texecom OH-W Heat Detector
  • Texecom OH-W Heat Detector

    £ 90.00

    Ideal for hallways , kitchen and common areas for early prevention of fire.

  • Texecom Dummy Siren Box
  • Texecom Dummy Siren Box

    £ 39.00

    These high-visibility dummy siren box is excellent as a deterrent against burglars. Consider one for the rear of your home.

  •  Impaq Plus-W Shock Sensor
  • Impaq Plus-W Shock Sensor

    £ 79.00

    Get notified even before a break-in. Adding these shock sensors to windows or doors would trigger the alarm if someone bangs or attempt to force open your door or window.

  • Texecom Ricochet Panic Button
  • Texecom Ricochet Panic Button

    £ 79.00

    Panic buttons when pressed initiates quicker response from Police for monitored alarms.

  • Texecom Elite Internal Sounder
  • Texecom Elite Internal Sounder

    £ 99.00

    Consider adding an internal siren if your control panel is located quite far from the actual living area. Ideal for an extremely large property.

  • Texecom Dual Tech Motion Detector
  • Texecom Dual Tech Motion Detector

    £ 99.00

    Works on microwave and infra-red detection technology and is ideal for garages and conservatories in homes, offices and small commercial buildings. Dual detection technology reduces the chance of false alarms.

  • Texecom shock and Contact
  • Texecom shock and Contact

    £ 79.00

    Put this on a window that needs protection while you move freely in the room. Perfect for perimeter protection.

  • Texecom Wireless External Sensor
  • Texecom Wireless External Sensor

    £ 199.00

    Outdoor PIR sensor with superior stability to detect trespassers and not pets, birds or small animals. Recommended to prevent catalytic converter thefts

  • Texe Wired External Siren Swap
  • Texe Wired External Siren Swap

    £ 80.00

    Swap the wireless siren in the pack with mains connected illuminated siren

  • 360 QD Ceiling PIR - Wireless
  • 360 QD Ceiling PIR - Wireless

    £ 120.00

    Premier 360 QD has 9.3m maximum diameter coverage pattern with Omni-directional Quad Element Pyro For True 360° Coverage

  • Wired Texecom Ceiling PIR
  • Wired Texecom Ceiling PIR

    £ 60.00

    Premier 360 ceiling PIR has 9m maximum diameter coverage pattern with Omni-directional Quad Element Pyro For True 360° Coverage

  • Description

    Fitted Texecom Premier Elite 64-W GSM Alarm

    Texecom security alarm with GSM is suited for medium to large houses, offices and shops with no WiFi connection. It works on ricochet mesh technology where each sensor talks to the next one creating a mesh. So this British made burglar alarm perform well with higher number of sensors, making it ideal for large domestic security system installations. Texecom alarm works on 868MHz radio frequency and uses the data from SIM(not included) to send alert messages to the home screen of your phone. The data from SIM is used to enable Texecom Connect App to remotely control your security alarm and receive push notifications on the home screen of your smart phone.
    Cons : They are not so efficient in sensing larger pets ( > 28kg).
    Alarm installers at Smartech can help you categorise different sensors to separate partitions(max 4) and each partition can be armed and disarmed separately. This way you can arm just downstairs or just the outbuilding. You can control your intruder alarm from keyfob, keypad or your Texecom Connect mobile App. Conpatible with Control4 and Creston. GSM can act as a back up communication channel for dual path monitoring.

  • Installation


    Protect your home with Fitted Texecom Premier Elite 64-W GSM Alarm with full installation service

    Texecom GSM alarm installation service at Smartech will cover the labour to mount all the sensors, control panel, keypad and external siren box that is purchased online. We will make sure that all the devices are named and tested properly. A standard installation is undertaken by 1 or 2 man installation team on a domestic dwelling up to two stories in height using a standard 2 section ladder for access to the siren mounting position. Texecom alarm Engineer will set up the alarm App and test the GSM communicator to make sure you receive the burglar alarm alerts. An initial site survey is recommended for commercial or business alarm installations.

    Our Professional intruder alarm installers will ensure that:
    - Risk assessment and site survey is done by certified alarm installers for online purchases if these hasn’t been done prior to placing the order
    - Control panel is connected to the mains via fuse spur
    - all detectors are installed and tested perfectly. The motion detectors mounting positions will be governed by internal decorations and coverage. It is essential that the PIR sensors are not masked by any tall cupboards or curtains. Professional security system installation technicians at Smartech will ensure that this is the case.
    - Remote controlling of your security alarm is set up on your smart phone.
    - A final assessment of all sensors and devices will be carried out to confirm that the new alarm system is operational to agreed levels following the installation, and the results shown to the Customer.
    - A brief demonstration on how to use your new burglar alarm will be carried out on site.
    Additional Information w.r.t Burglar alarm Installation
    The price includes supply, installation and programming of all devices
    Additional cost apply for cabling if needed.
    - Our alarm installation service comes with a guarantee of 1 year on the work done for your peace of mind.
    - Additional charges may apply for non-standard properties.
    -Easy booking
    You can order your security system online and our office will contact you to arrange for installation. We will bring a new unopened box of all equipments ordered. Alternatively, you can email us on to request a custom quote.
    You can arm, disarm or part arm your security system with the keypad using PIN number or by showing the proximity tags close to keypad to perform designated actions. If someone tries to break-in the control panel triggers the inbuilt internal siren as well as the loud external siren. It alerts all the associated App users with push notifications of the incident on the home screen of their smart phone as well as send you email within seconds. The alert message informs you of the sensor(s) that triggered the alarm.
    This service is suitable for home alarm installation in Greater London, within the M25 zone, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Hampshire. We cover upto 40 miles from our office at Farnham Common, SL2 3PQ.

    The security system installers observe all COVID-19 social-distancing and personal disinfection guidelines, issued by the British government.

  • Specification

    Specifications of BATX02 Fitted Texecom Premier Elite 64-W GSM Alarm

    Premier Elite 64-W Control Panel
    Number of wireless zones : 32
    Event Log time & Date stamped : 500
    Part Sets : 3 per area
    Dimensions : 304mm x 266mm
    Facilitates more devices per system to support increased security, safety
    Premier Elite LCDLP-W Keypad
    Large blue LCD screen with touchtone backlit keys. Built-in proximity tag reader.
    Blue LCD Screen
    Touchtone Keys
    2 Additional Zones
    Extension Speaker
    Built-in Proximity Tag Reader
    Texecom Connect Mobile App
    The Texecom Connect App is a smartphone app for iOS devices.
    Automate Smart locks
    Automate Lighting
    Control Temperature and humidity sensing
    Control Home entertainment
    Controllers for home appliances
    Automate blinds
    Premier Compact PW-W PIR
    12m volumetric range
    Digital signal processing
    Up to 35Kgs (77lbs) pet immunity
    Built-in EOL resistors
    Mounting height alignment
    Digital temperature compensation
    Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
    Active White Light Rejection
    Premier Elite Micro Contact-W
    Small Size (Micro)
    Ricochet Mesh Technology
    Cost Effective
    White/Grey/Brown Colour Option
    Dimensions: H 57mm x W 27.5mm x D 11.5mm.
    Weight 25g
    Premier Proximity Tags
    The Texecom Premier Elite Proximity Tags are for use with the Texecom Premier Elite LCD Remote Keypads
    Arm and disarm the system with ease
    Premier Elite Odyssey 3 Siren
    105dB Piezo Sounder
    IP65 Sealed Electronics
    High BrightnessLED
    Strobe Selectable
    Comfort LEDs
    Lid and Wall Tamper
    Grade 2, EN50131-4, EN50131-5-3, PD6662: 2010, Class IV
    Premier Elite ComGSM
    Report system events (alarms, arm, disarm etc.) via text messaging to mobile telephones
    Remotely arm, disarm and obtain current status of the alarm system via text messaging
    Current consumption : 35mA quiescent; 100mA when active
    Dimensions : 145mm x 90mm x 30mm
    Read more at texecom website
  • Reviews

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    Great Job

    Brilliant installation and app

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  • Refund Returns & Warranty



    • Unless we confirm a different warranty period in writing to you, we guarantee the goods and the installation for a period of one year from the delivery and installation date. During the guarantee period, we will repair faults at our own expense and in accordance with your service plan; except faults resulting from misuse or negligence by you or others, consumable items of all kinds failing such as batteries, damage from electrical equipment or other sources of electricity in the property and telecommunication/internet connections and failures of mobile app and cloud services provided by third parties and/or equipment manufacturers.
    • In the event that we are prevented from carrying out our obligations under a contract for sale as a result of any cause beyond our control such as but not limited to Acts of God, war, strikes, flood and failure of third parties to deliver goods, we shall be relieved of our obligations and liabilities under the terms and conditions for sale for as long as such fulfilment is prevented.
    • Smartech Security Limited shall under no circumstances be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential losses or damage.

    Cancellation and Refund

    • If you are a consumer, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 calendar days of your order or receiving a written acceptance from us, whichever precedes at the later date and receive a full refund.
    • If you cancel your order after 14 calendar days and at least 24hrs prior to the agreed date of installation we will refund your payment in full. However if you cancel your order after 14 calendar days and after 24hrs prior to the agreed date of installation, we will charge you for cancellation and deduct such cancellation cost from the payment due to be refunded to you.
    • You should be aware that the goods we are dealing with are by their nature special order, and that the specifications of the goods may vary according to the installation premises. As such, you cannot cancel the goods ordered after they have been installed in your property and you have given written consent to us before the start of the installation. Notwithstanding, if you ask us to remove the system which had already been installed from your home, we will charge you a reasonable costs for the works we have carried out and deduct such costs from any payment due to you as a refund.
    • You have the right to cancel your service contract by writing to us within 14 days of receiving a written acceptance of your order for services from us or the date of the contract, whichever precedes at the later date. In these cases, we will refund your payment in full.
    • We reserve the right not to process your order if
      • We have insufficient stock to deliver the goods you have ordered;
      • We do not deliver to your area; or
      • One or more of the goods you ordered was listed or quoted at an incorrect price due to a typographical error or an error in the pricing information received by us from our suppliers. If we do not process your order for the above reasons, we will notify you by e-mail and will re-credit to your account any sum deducted by us from your credit/debit card as soon as possible, but in any event within 14 days
    • Cancellation Notice: Please click the link below to download cancellation notice for Smartech Security Limited. You have fourteen (14) calendar days to cancel the agreement from the date you receive this notice of the right to cancel.

    Cancellation Notice for Smartech Security Limited

    Product only purchase without installation

    All new products sold by Smartech on are covered by a 12 Month Warranty. Smartech Security Limited will accept product returns and assist you to repair or replace the item under warranty where:

    • The product is found to be defective/ faulty, or
    • The product is not fit for its intended purpose, or
    • The product does not match the specifications/ description on;
    • The product has been used in the country of purchase, and;
    • You have an order reference/ receipt or adequate proof of purchase from dated within the 12 month warranty period.
    • You must contact us (Phone : 0800 368 9949 or email: & make a claim within 12 months of purchase date for a repair or replacement of the same or an equivalent model.
    • You must provide proof of purchase when making a claim with Smartech.
    • If stock returned is found DOA (Dead on arrival within 14 days of receiving delivery) Smartech will reimburse any delivery expense incurred by you.
    • You may incur a restocking fee of £50 if the product you return is considered no longer in saleable condition once it’s received.
    • Refunds are granted once stock is returned to Smartech, tested and approved by Smartech's Warranty/ Returns team.
    • Smartech is not liable for, nor will it refund the cost of, installing or uninstalling your Smartech product. The decision to hire a third party installer after purchase of your Smartech product is at your discretion and Smartech is not liable for said costs.

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